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Real Estate Consultancy

  • DMRD unique offering focuses on future investment outlook linked to optimization of the asset value of real estate. By integrating our investment knowledge and real estate management experience, DMRD is able to build a portfolio of landmark properties with excellent investment potential in Asia and beyond, whether be it commercial, industrial or residential opportunities.
  • DMRD is a transnational agency able to source prime property in Asia and beyond.  DMRD physically operates in Thailand with overseas marketing and sales support networks.
  • Our Investment Team is adept in acquisition, consultancy and sale of property investments, and works closely with investors, sellers and buyers to derive maximum returns for their real estate investments while minimizing the level of risk.
  • DMRD often obtains a leading edge into new property developments at the planning stages and therefore is able to identify leading prime product to maximize investment opportunity for clients
  • Our main areas of focus cover single-owner sales, mergers & acquisitions of hospitality real estate and branded luxury residences.
  • DMRD’s team and management has a strong track record in providing reliable advice for our clients on all aspects of investment sales and acquisitions. Whether you have a sale, a funding or an active requirement for commercial/residential real estate investment, our experts draw not only their own knowledge and acumen, but also on their experience and market intelligence throughout Asia to guide you through the entire decision making process.

Our investment professionals provide clients with comprehensive, customized services and independent advice. Offering sales and acquisition guidance across all asset classes, our investment sales specialists use their market knowledge to quickly assess an asset’s value, market it effectively and deliver results. For acquisitions, we represent buyers at all stages of the process, from advice on location and selection to opportunity sourcing and due diligence

Mergers and acquisitions

Every hotel and resort has a story. We’ll help you sell that storySelling a hotel is a complex process. It requires a comprehensive and well-executed marketing strategy that’s focused on the unique features of the hotel that will drive a successful transaction.

DMRD’s management team has a competitive advantage of being able to harmonize commercial and legal networks to overcome some of the critical challenges in preparing for and completing a hotel asset or hotel share sale or acquisition

Drawing on years of experience in mergers & acquisitions we work exclusively with hotel and resort owners. We have developed a results-oriented marketing approach that’s powered by a proven five stage process:

  1. Analyze the owners objectives and determine accurate value
  2. Formulate a property management proposal
  3. Prepare marketing materials and determine buyer pools
  4. Market the property on a personal, one-to-one basis
  5. Qualify, negotiate and close the deal

DMRD will focus on the potential effects of a transaction with our clients, and bring in expertise of tax, legal and finance to ensure a holistic approach is taken in relation  to the value in a sale or acquisition

  • With our industry knowledge and expertise, we can swiftly identify sites with good redevelopment or investment potential, conduct field trips and inspections as well as undertaking research and preliminary feasibility studies and analysis on land value.
  • From these findings, we then advise our clients on market conditions and the best marketing strategies to employ. This not only helps our clients realize the full potential of their development, it also converts latent resources into tangible assets.

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