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International Project Marketing

The team at DMRD are adept in international sales of all asset classes. We balance our own direct contacts, with well thought out sub-marketing and networks, to ensure there is a well thought out application of a marketing budget focusing on sales potential.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in working with international agents and developers to deliver our clients a wide range of premier selections.

Whether you are looking for an ideal home, a vibrant workspace or an exclusive investment opportunity, we will seek the best match for your needs.

  • Additionally, we advise and assist local and international property developers on their project(s)  in conjunction with their appointed professionals: concept, design, layout, landscaping and other features that will enhance the marketability and property management.  Furthermore, we work closely with advertising and public relations consultants to ensure a seamless execution in their advertising and promotional endeavors from start until completion.
  • Our fully integrated approach links occupational, professional services, management and legal teams, and ensures thre is a concerted effort to maximize the performance of our clients’ assets.

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