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DMRD embraces Indian investors with Exclusive Property Show, New Delhi

Posted by Marciano Birjmohun on November 5, 2019
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On 11-12 November 2019, DMRD will launch its 1st series of events in New Delhi, India at the Iconic Lodhi Hotel.

Thailand has always been a preferred leisure destination for Indian travelers, more direct flights, a visa waiver and increasing wealth have boosted Indian arrivals, which the Tourism Authority of Thailand says were up by more than 20 percent year on year in the first five months of 2019 and growing. We’ve all attended those” Big Indian weddings” and many of the South East Asian Indian families still prefer Thailand to be their ceremony destination.

“Indian travelers are very independent, and they have a strong family bond, therefore they always travel in family groups. Their independency comes because they can speak English, and do not need tour operators to take care of them. India has a large generation Z, and they will be part of Thailand’s future tourism demographic. If we look at the cultural and religious synergies between India and Thailand, I can understand why Thailand is a comfortable destination for the family” – Marciano Birjmohun, Managing Director of DMRD

We have been actively building bridges in India since 2016, it started with Property Expo’s and gradually scaling our agent contacts across the continent. We know without a doubt that the vast majority of Indian Investors are not end-users but solely looking for a return on investment and hassle-free process. Then, there is a second target group of Elite who are keen on trophy assets as a second home, think of branded skyscrapers and Villa’s on the golf course.

DMRD is one of the first and most connected Thailand based Real Estate Consultancy in India with over 200 active Indian agents in our network to date. One thing that stands out from the Indian Real Estate market is the sincerity and dedication, these brokers/agents are not exposed to artificial commission structures and Bangkok’s underwriting game. We like to keep it that way, we will not introduce Thailand projects through underwriters or discrepancies in Thai and Foreign quota. Indians investors are sophisticated buyers and will recognize potential when it’s presented with real numbers.



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