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Thailand-Based DMRD Real Estate Consultancy Announces Global Launch

Posted by Marciano Birjmohun on March 4, 2019
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Bangkok, Thailand, March 2019 – This week’s launch of DMRD Real Estate Consultancy in Thailand signals the beginning of a fresh new approach to real estate consultancy, management and project marketing. The Thailand-based sole agency and service provider builds upon extensive real estate experience in Thailand and abroad, offering local expertise with a global reach.

DMRD, whose slogan is “Building Upon Success”, provides residential development project advice in the medium and high-level sectors, taking full advantage of market intelligence to meet the precise demands of both domestic and international consumers. From conception through to development and launch, DMRD uses cultural insight, international networks and advanced data analysis to guide successful real estate strategy and execution.

These services fill a major gap within Thailand’s real estate sector, where:

  • 70% of developers do not have qualified in-house staff to reach clients on a global scale
  • 50% of developers fail to adapt to new technology that can improve sales
  • 30% of developers lack material adaptation to target markets

By contrast, DMRD’s core integration of Lean Management and Six Sigma concepts ensures that the company remains at the cutting edge of modern technology and innovation – even as business processes evolve in the digital age. When combined with the company’s highly developed marketing channels and global investment network, these qualities allow DMRD to provide a unique level of sales support to real estate developers.

Marciano Birjmohun, Managing Director of DMRD, says that the new company was conceived out of a realization that the real estate market was being driven partly by guesswork and faulty assumptions, even though more solid, data-driven intelligence was within reach. “When you are on the ground 24/7, you can see a clear gap in the market – particularly where the board and management of developers belong to a different generation than today’s consumers who set the direction of society,” he said.

In order to bridge that gap, the team at DMRD acts as expert management consultants to real estate developers, offering market-based guidance at all levels of the organization. DMRD can even be integrated as an extended arm of the existing developer’s sales force.

Marciano adds that his team’s experience in real estate allows the company to play many roles. “Although our expertise and goodwill lays in international markets,” he says, “we have a proven track record in selling quantity to the Thai community as well. As a well-known influencer and business contact, we collaborate with the leading media communities, implementing innovative marketing measures for our clients.”

These efforts have already borne fruit, as DMRD was named the sole agency for a renowned branded hotel residence in Phuket that will launch in April 2019, while also undergoing final proposal reviews for prime development across Thailand.

DMRD has also planned a range of exclusive private dining sessions for 2019 across major capitals such as Macau, Hong Kong and Singapore. These events are in collaboration with luxury consumer goods brands – and are restricted to only 10 attendees per month, selected by the company’s wealth management team. The dinners will bring together representatives from DMRD’s global network, which also extends to Europe, the Americas, Australia and Asia-Pacific.


About DMRD

Based in Bangkok and Phuket, DMRD Co., Ltd. is a pioneering sole agency and consultancy specializing in the emerging real estate markets of the Asia-Pacific region and major global cities. Using on-the-ground knowledge and advanced customer research, DMRD helps clients assess market strategies to increase sales potential. Catering to niche and mainstream markets alike, DMRD offers a competitive advantage through its established marketing channels and data-driven campaigns.

Managing Director Marciano Birjmohun, born in the Netherlands, specializes in PR, management and global business development solutions. He has headed the international departments of leading global corporations in the real estate sector, focusing on sales. Marciano has extensive experience as a property specialist, and together with the rest of his team, has operated for several years in Thailand and across Southeast Asia.


Contact DMRD

3/F, Summer Hill, 1106 Sukhumvit Road

Phrakhanong Sub-District, Klongtoey District,

Bangkok, 10110 Thailand

+66 952 486 901

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